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Milton is a natural leader whose ability to communicate resonates. I partook in a training program that Milton administered early in my career and it made a lasting impression on my communicative patterns. He employs methodical strategies that provoke people to speak with confidence and conviction. He understands the evolution behind maturing cold conversations into revenue generating sales.


He's a deal-maker with a powerful disposition that's empowering to those who follow his lead. Simply stated, his persuasive and purposeful nature is effective, infective and inspiring.  

Great thinker, superior execution, gratifying results!


Makeba Lloyd
Founder of skincare line, "Butter By Keba"

Milton Washington of Slickyboy Studios embodies the essence of "attention to detail." His use of imperative listening, clear communication and direction allowed me to trust and know that my vision for my business would be executed in a timely fashion.  


Although you'll rarely hear him boast about it, his work ethic is remarkable. It is his pride and joy to see his clients succeed and he will do anything within his ability to make the "goal" happen.
Because of Milton Washington's excitement and energy, my small home business is finally realizing sizable profits after 10 years in operation. 


Thank you Milton!

Dr. Chris Phang
President of Empire State Medical Association

I highly recommend working with Milton Washington and his team at Slickyboy Studios – they have access to a multitude of creative and professional resources and their ability to manage those resources and design marketing and public relation strategies to get the job done has lifted a burden from our shoulders.  His prognostic insights, as well was prompt and tactical execution of a curated plan result in valuable brand-building for our organization. Milton and his team have been able to elevate our media messaging to speak powerfully and effectively to our more than 1,500 physician members.

Great thinker, superior execution, gratifying results!

Chris Phang, MD
President, Empire State Medical Association
State Affiliate of the National Medical Association

Working with Milton Washington has been like having a super coach and a fiery advocate, who I can confide in and learn from. I've been a working actor/producer/editor for over 15 years and have experienced a lot of unsettling changes in the industry. With all the competition and low balling of artists' rates, it has been a challenge to stay true to one's worth, while not out-pricing oneself.  Milton's experience and astute guidance, has helped me to confidently navigate through the choppy waters of this arbitrary and unpredictable profession. 


After I launched my management venture, Milton coached me on the art of negotiation, consulted with me on how to construct concise, thorough contracts and helped me to fine tune my approach to business and my overall instincts. He's someone who has a real passion, not only for the art of the deal, but who takes pride in building up his clients' talents, skills and morale--leading them to limitless success. Thanks, Coach Wash!

Michael Burgi
Director of Editorial Partnerships at Ad Week

This is a personal recommendation but it speaks to Milton's character. I lost my wallet in a NYC taxi recently and figured it was gobbled up by the big bad city. Though I filed a lost wallet report with 311 and they actually tried to connect me with a garage that was home to the cab, my fears were confirmed when the garage operator denied finding any wallet.


The following Monday morning I received a phone call from Milton, who had found my wallet and wanted to return it to me. When I met him, not only was everything in the wallet unmolested (including cash!), but he refused any sort of recompense, stating simply "You would have done the same for me, I'm sure." To top it all off, he's a fascinating and friendly person who is likely destined for bigger and better things. Thank you, Milton Washington. Your parents raised you right...

Abenaa Brew
Founder of "Hair Brew"

Milton's role as my business manager is to help me understand the industry that I am in and the best ways to reach my target audience. His training sessions contain detailed Sales and Marketing Strategies that teach me the importance of engaging customers and discovering needs, all within my personality.

As someone who didn't have a formal background in business, Milton's training sessions, along with actual engagement with customers, has been a huge benefit to my business and me personally.​

He doesn't change people into something they're not. He takes the positive qualities they already possess and molds that with business knowledge, creating successful business owners.