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We are at the precipice of an emerging age, a new era where cultures, races and ideologies clash, collide, and mesh, fusing and seeping down to the bone, changing our chemistry forever. Far from a passing fad, it’s a human multi-cultural wave washing over shores across the planet, leaving indelible marks, melting sand castles and creating new caverns of existence, fueling tectonic shifts in ideas, philosophies and relationships.


Ways of living, working and understanding are being challenged, turned upside-down, evolving from the chaos of change, forcing deeper connections and understanding, giving birth to new visions and concepts with a fresh perspective on race. This project, this love child born out of these incredible journeys and metamorphoses experienced by the photographer, Milton Washington, can be summed up in it’s title, AFRO-ASIAN FUTURISM.

Carrying the battle scars of isolation as a Black child of Korea and viewed as “other” and never accepted, after his adoption by a Black, military family, Milton became a Black child of his adopted country, the USA, forever as an “other".  

Writer / Photographer / Art Director, Milton Washington delves into his profoundly harrowing and yet, fortunate childhood, exerting his perspective, his eye, to capture the struggles, the truths and triumphs of his life’s journey.

Exhibit Runs Sept 6th-16th 2018 at
The Storefront Project70 Orchard Street, LES, NYC 10002
Opening Reception: Sept 6th, Thurs, 6-9:00 pm 
Storytelling & Music: Sept 12th, Wed, 6-9:00 pm 
Closing Reception: Sept 15th, Sat, 6-9:00 pm 
Show Gallery for Purchase