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Published / "Mixed Korean: Our Story"


A chapter from Milton's forthcoming memior, "Slickyboy" was featured in the recently published book, "MIXED KOREAN: Our Story". This emotionally compelling anthology expresses the vast and varied struggles and triumphs that many mixed race adoptees experience, from the Korean War up to present day. These personal stories delve into themes of exclusion, loneliness and heartbreak; the result of not

looking Korean enough, Black enough, White enough, etc.  Collectively, this powerful collection stories will resonate with anyone who has ever stood on the outside of a group, longing for inclusion.

Milton was the art director/ photographer on the fashion shoot launching an Afro-Futuristic lifestyle line, helmed by Emmy & Academy Award nominated costume designer, Ruth Carter (of Black PantherSelma and Malcolm X fame, to name a few).

Adoptee Voices Book Reading

Milton's Story  

Milton reads a chapter from his forthcoming novel, "Slickyboy: A Memoir" at an adoptee reading event sponsored by Korean American Story at The Korea Society in NYC, 2015.