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Boss Coaching

“This is a man’s world,” said the inimitable James Brown. He was right then, and his words are still very true today. And because you’re a woman in this man’s world, I’m going to help you become a BOSS in a very nuanced way that’s going to be rooted in CONFIDENCE. What is it that I’m going to be teaching? By focusing on a strategic agenda covering; mentality, verbiage, negotiations and winning, you’ll learn the vital skills needed to succeed in business and to be a BOSS. That’s what I can do.


To register for my one-on-one or group/company BOSS coaching sessions, contact me for an in-depth course description, schedule and rates.

Within the start-up phase, the proper investment of resources is critical
to the longevity of your business. Crystal-clear clarity around who and where your customers are and how to win them, will streamline your
road to success. 
The Marketing and Sales Strategies not only provide a road map for your business, they also help you efficiently evaluate and manage third party suppliers. Conserve time, money and effort. 

Career Coaching

Are you having issues at work? Can't shine on projects; relegated to supporting roles lithe little to no recognition? 

Feeling stagnated, but you don't know why? Do you feel there are forces at play within your work environment adversely affecting your progress? 


Let's talk about you. Your skills, your plans and your goals. Let's talk objectively about your work environment against those capability and goals. Let's do the analysis you probably couldn't do without our candid, objective and constructive conversations. We'll talk about the all-important "people," aspect of your issues and then we'll build a plan that will incorporate some tests to validate our analysis.


And once we do that, your career will take off. Let's chat.

Accountability Coaching

We all need direction, focus and accountability. The Coach Wash
product analyzes the current state of your business and builds a road
map of where you want to be. After agreeing on the metrics used to demonstrate movement towards established goals, we will schedule
regular business-focused calls to keep you on task towards success. 

Account Management

Your business is thriving, but you could use some support in the acquisition of new accounts or the management and development of current accounts. Slickyboy Studios can take over the conversation, freeing you to do what you love to do--the art, the work. Let's talk to explore the possibilities.

Visual Development

web   //   brand   //   video   //   database
Clarity around the current and future state of the business will shed
light on your branding and other visual development needs. You might 
need a new logo or new labeling or packaging designs. We can develop
all your branding assets, including websites and commercial spots for
online or television. 

Public Speaking

sales teams   //   schools   //   non-profits   
Motivating and inspirational, but engaging and instructive stories move sales sales teams, non-profit fundraising efforts and young people. Content will be oriented towards your goals and implementation will be painless. Slickyboy Studios Public Speaking services will move the needle. 

Sales Coaching

Whether you sell to other business (B2B) or sell directly to consumers, you need an effective strategy supported by a process, tactics, and words to convert prospects to valuable customers. Chances are, as the entrepreneur, you’re the expert at the product, service and brand you’ve created, but not an expert in selling.
Your ability to sell is CRITICAL to the health of your business.
Slickyboy Studios will help you define your approach to your customer base. We will design a sales support program that allows you to better identify prospects to pursue, manage conversations while building value, and close business with superior negotiating techniques, while protecting margins. 

Marketing & Sales Strategy Development